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Prodrift round 3 2011 – No Walls No Balls!

With the next round of Prodrift 2011 upon us this weekend lets take a look back at some of the Wall Taggers from the previous rain drenched round at Punchestown. From the outset drivers were being pushed out wide at every opportunity by the judges. Outside clipping points are far more difficult to set the car up to clip and really push the drivers to the max. When you throw rain and a relatively wet track into the mix there will be only one result…a little bit of carnage! So then No Walls No Balls… (more…)

Prodrift round 3 Punchestown 2011

Well well well…BOOM! Finally I get to my first Prodrift event this year, due to work commitments I missed the first two rounds. Its the first year since its inception or close to it I have missed more than 1 round, whether it was working on mates cars or working with Karl O’Sullivan on the onboards it was always an almost religious calender for me lol! Upon arrival the weather was not looking so good, the Prodrift crew were battling with the judging tower which was trying to take flight. The tower was partially dismantled and made safe by the guys and the judges were moved inside to one of the more comfortable suites at the Punchestown racecourse…lucky for them. Outside the photographers and wanna be photographers like myself were embracing the weather…goddamn it was cold and wet and nasty. (more…)

Prodrift RD2

Unfortunately I couldn’t make it to Prodrift RD 2 on Saturday for the amateur and non seeded pro classes but did make my way down on Sunday morning for the pro class. It was a great day and thanks to the sun gods the rain stayed away. I spent most of the day treading around the paddock constantly shooting and trying to get to grips with the camera. I’ll bring you those shortly in another post and give you an insight into what was going down in the paddock area.


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