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Drift Allstars returns to Hungary

Drift Allstars returns to Hungary for the second year. The TRACKWOOD festival is hugely popular with fans from all over Europe, and in 2013 this event will be even bigger! A three day drift festival with the finals being run under the cover of darkness till the late hours is probably one of the biggest drift events in central Europe.

Drift Allstars/Hungary 2012



Trackwood Festival 2012. Rabocsi Ring – Hungary – Máriapócs

23th – 24th 25th August – Máriapócs Hungary

EEDC – Eastern Europe Drift Championship Round 6.

Drift Allstars European Series Round 5.


Drift Flash Mob- Hungary- Budapest 2012

WOW video: Drift flash mob stunt in Hungary, Budapest at the very busy Clark Adam square, below the Castle, 6/5/2012. The best drivers from the Hungarian pro series (drifting.hu) did some marks and smoke before police came. The stunt aim was to popularize drift.
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Review Round 2: Hell Energy Hungarian Drift Series

As the 2012 drifting season moves on, round 2 of the Hell Energy Hungarian Drift Series was scheduled to take place on the 27th of May in Mariapocs on the RabocsiRing newly extended race track, which was also going to use a different setup compared to what drivers and spectators have been used to in previous years.


Nigel Colfer 2012 Car

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Zentai Drift Team

Ifj. Zentai Sándor Ford Focus RWD
Zentai Attila Ford Sierra Zetec Turbo


Video: Fanat-X Tuning Team

Monster Energy Hi-Octane Drift D1 Style

Eglinton, Northern Ireland – 4 Sep 2011

The  beginning of September saw my first visit to the land of my fathers (well, great great grandfather). I was invited over by SleepyCat Photography’s Colin and Glenda to capture the day on their behalf as they wouldn’t have any time to take photos themselves due to them playing a major role in the organisation of the event. Well, having built up a friendship over the past few months, and me wanting to visit Ireland for several years now anyway, I couldn’t refuse could I? (more…)

Monster Energy Hi Octane Drift


Drifting has dominated our lives for the last couple of years…… or so we thought.

At the start of the summer we got offered the chance to be part of organising a drift and it totally took over life at SleepyCat HQ. Here is the story of Monster Energy Hi Octane Drift


Night Drift-Hungary

1′st: Nikolett Szántó
2′nd: Gergő “Indián” Nagy
3′rd: Zsolt “ZACC” Zahuczki

Drift Allstars European Series – Round 5

Saturday 13 Aug 2011 – Birmingham Wheels Raceway

Round 5 of Drift Allstars brings the series back to the UK after the two rounds on the continent. A change of date and venue meant an extended mid season break and also meant there was a cloud of doubt hanging over this rescheduled event due to the riots that broke out in Birmingham just days before. (more…)

Hungarian Night Drift Promo-Máriapócs

Drift Fest- King Of Europe- Hungary

4 days drift, more than 60 racers Europes in Hungary

1′st: Sándor Zentai – Hungary- Ford Focus
2′nd: Diego Quaranta- Italy- BMW
3′rd: Szilárd Szabó- Hungary- Mercedes E500

Next race: 27. Aug
Night Drift Series in Hungary
Location: Máriapócs, Hungary

Awesomefest 2011 – A dutch view on things

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Last weekend it was time for Awesomfest 2011. An event organised by the crew of Driftworks. A party that fully lived up to his name. Here’s a video that i made, enjoy!

Sponsor Profile: Driftkits.eu

We thought it was about time that the people behind the scenes of drifting got their moment in the spotlight too,

and we couldn’t think of a better place to start than Driftkits in Warrenpoint. (more…)

Jason Dobbin’s Nissan S14A

We recently had the pleasure of shooting Jason Dobbin’s S14A and got a bit crazy in the process!


Garage D Gatebil


Drift Science – Mike Kojima

YouTube Preview Image

Dang how have I missed this…Excellence! (more…)

Somewhere in the Netherlands??

Jesus Lubberts are you sure that’s not Ireland lol! looks like roads around my homeplace…! Replace the beemers with Mark 2′s and Hachi’s and I’d say it was!!!!!! (more…)

Prodrift round 3 2011 – No Walls No Balls!

With the next round of Prodrift 2011 upon us this weekend lets take a look back at some of the Wall Taggers from the previous rain drenched round at Punchestown. From the outset drivers were being pushed out wide at every opportunity by the judges. Outside clipping points are far more difficult to set the car up to clip and really push the drivers to the max. When you throw rain and a relatively wet track into the mix there will be only one result…a little bit of carnage! So then No Walls No Balls… (more…)

British Drift Championship – Round 3

Saturday 2 / Sunday 3 July 2011 – Teesside Autodrome, Middlesbrough
Shane Lynch smoking up the rears.

My second visit to Teesside this year and we had blazing sunshine again. This time the sun was accompanied by searing heat. It was an absolutely gorgeous day weatherwise for the spectators, however the drivers were struggling a bit. As the day wore on and the temperatures rose they had to use the practice run before each battle just to slowly drive round the track trying to cool the engines. (more…)

Drift Allstars European Series 2011 – Round 4

Saturday 25 Jun 2011 – Anneau Du Rhin, France

The Anneau Du Rhin Circuit in France


Prodrift round 3 Punchestown 2011

Well well well…BOOM! Finally I get to my first Prodrift event this year, due to work commitments I missed the first two rounds. Its the first year since its inception or close to it I have missed more than 1 round, whether it was working on mates cars or working with Karl O’Sullivan on the onboards it was always an almost religious calender for me lol! Upon arrival the weather was not looking so good, the Prodrift crew were battling with the judging tower which was trying to take flight. The tower was partially dismantled and made safe by the guys and the judges were moved inside to one of the more comfortable suites at the Punchestown racecourse…lucky for them. Outside the photographers and wanna be photographers like myself were embracing the weather…goddamn it was cold and wet and nasty. (more…)

NL Drift Series Demo

YouTube Preview Image

Another nice video from the crazy dutch guys, that kombi is on the go now for years. Its one of those cars that has stuck in my mind for along time, I’ve seen this car in Ireland, Uk,  and Germany…its been around the block but never ceases to impress! If its not broken don’t fix it!!! Thanks to Michel Lubberts for the video…Yo!

International Touge Drift Race in Hungary!

Dear European Drifters!

Be prepared, because int he 25th of June we go far
back to the roots of real drift!


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