British Drift Championship – Round 3

Saturday 2 / Sunday 3 July 2011 – Teesside Autodrome, Middlesbrough
Shane Lynch smoking up the rears.

My second visit to Teesside this year and we had blazing sunshine again. This time the sun was accompanied by searing heat. It was an absolutely gorgeous day weatherwise for the spectators, however the drivers were struggling a bit. As the day wore on and the temperatures rose they had to use the practice run before each battle just to slowly drive round the track trying to cool the engines.

Well, this was my first visit to a BDC event and I wasn’t disappointed. After three years of relative silence Teesside Autodrome has exploded back into life with two high profile drifting events this year. First was the Drift Allstars Round 1 back in May (read my report here) and then this, Round 3 of the British Drift Championship. Two highly charged, highly entertaining and yet completely different events. Day 1 of Drift Allstars is purely practice and track time. Day 1 of BDC is practice and qualifications. I couldn’t make day 1 unfortunately.

The main reason for the qualis on day 1 is because of the number of entrants. 84 cars were entered for round 3 spread across 3 classes – semi-pro, pro and super-pro. This meant that day 2, which I attended, was straight into top 16 battles and therefore was knock outs all day.

Matt Carter nd Paul Smith bumper swapping

When I arrived at the track around 11am, the drivers were out practicing. They went out grouped in their respective class for an hour or so per class, starting with the semi-pros.

Jody Fletcher giving it some welly in practice

After the practice there was a short lunch break, drivers’ briefing and then the drivers came out on track with their cars. This was where the public could access the track, look at the cars and meet the drivers.

The first top 16 battles – the semi-pros – got underway at 2pm. Due to the shear number of battles and OMTs etc, coupled with the fact that I just completely lost track of who was where and what was happening, I am just going to summarise each top 16 and the podium positions for each series.

Semi Pro Top 16

1st Marc Huxley
2nd Adrian Brannan
3rd Andy Stroud
4th Lewis Cracknell
5th Matt Campling
6th Damien Barrat
7th Christian Lewis
8th Roger Cooling
9th Mark Nash
10th James Bull
11th Sam Holt
12th Ian Angus
13th Belinda Challis
14th Matt Hitchock
15th Mark Lappage
16th Richard McCourt

Semi Pro Podium

1st Marc Huxley
2nd Matt Campling
3rd Christian Lewis

There were some good battles in this class, but Marc’s Corolla outshone the competition and took him to the top step.

Marc Huxley

Pro Top 16

1st Ian Phillips
2nd Martin Richards
3rd Fransic O’Shea
4th Wesley Keating
5th John Glaister
6th Danni Murphy
7th Jody Fletcher
8th Michael Marshall
9th Justin Clarke
10th Jarack Federico
11th Hugo Fernades
12th Ian Harrison
13th Ramunas Cepulis
14th Chris Hawkins
15th Martin Griffiths
16th Pete Green

Pro Podium

!st Micheal Marshall
2nd Wesley Keating
3rd Francis O’Shea

Again, some good battles going on in the Pro class. Ian ‘Bizz’ Phillips looked like he was on fire but unfortunately the judging didn’t go his way and he didn’t make top 8. Wes had technical difficulties in the final and couldn’t finish his run.

Super Pro Top 16

1st Paul Smith
2nd Wayne Keeber
3rd Steve Moore
4th Shane O’Sullivan
5th Matt Carter
6th Ashley Stevens
7th Christy Carpenter
8th Simon Perry
9th Mark Luney
10th David Waterworth
11th Shane Lynch
12th Barry McCann
13th Grant Laker
14th Keith Hammond
15th Julie Robinson
16th Jody Fletcher

Super Pro Podium

1st Steve Moore
2nd Matt Carter
3rd Paul Smith

The Super Pro class provided the closest battles, as I’d expected. Once we got down to top 4 it was very literally bumper to bumper stuff. The drivers were exchanging paint on the door handles. Very exciting stuff. Shane Lynch had to retire because as he returned to the start line from the practice run the timing gear on his thunderous V8 S15 sheared it’s bolts.

No pics from me of the podium celebrations I’m afraid. I left early to dodge the crowds. It can be a very slow process getting out of Teesside Autodrome when everyone is heading for the only exit gate.

All in all a cracking event. Like I said earlier, I am new to BDC and so haven’t learnt all the drivers yet, so therefore got totally confused by the end of the day. But, my original intention was just to take some photographs and not actually write a report, but there you go. Best laid plans and all that.

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  1. Mazotasan says:

    Love the pic of Lynches S15! Its sad to say but the weather makes such a difference to a days drifting! Drifting in the sun FTW!

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