Team Raidopower Motorsport G1GP Adventure

Ok its time to rock n roll with the Raidopower crew, this is the 1st update sent across by team boss Andreas Hedstrom in from company HQ in Sweden. Looks like it was an interesting 1st day in Japan for at least one member of the team…read on!

Day 1 in Japan – Monday

Finally in Japan!

First thing that happened when arriving in Japan was that Mikael Svensson (driver) did not make it through the passport control. They claimed that his passport was reported stolen by Interpol and they did not want to let him into the country. That’s a good start…

After waiting many hours at the airport they finally let him through the passport control, with help from the Swedish embassy in Tokyo. It probably also helped a little bit when they found the hub knuckles for the S13 in his luggage –“You drifting?” –“Yes!” –“Ahh, very good!”.

Outside the passport control the Swedish drifting driver Tony had been waiting for the Swedes to arrive.

Now Mikael had 48 hours before he needed to show the immigration office a temporary passport stamped by the Swedish embassy in Tokyo, so this was first priority. If not being able to do this he would be in pretty big trouble, the immigration officer explained with a smile.

First we needed to visit the “Super Autobacs” store to get some brake fluid for the install of the Ksport Racing hydraulic handbrake. WOW, not used to see so much “jdm goodies” in one store!

mmm…car parts or sex shop?

Exclusive!…The new Nardi Invisi wheel!

Air freshners?

Eh ye gotta love the Japanese!

Mikael and Tony went to Tokyo and the Swedish embassy while Jocke and Göran went with Andy & Emelie (Powervehicles) to Ebisu Circuit – time to “scout the area”. Amazing track(s)!

Who wouldn’t like to have this in your backyard!

Then we all headed back to the hotel for a good nights sleep, well deserved after travelling half way around the world…Day 2 on the way!

3 Responses to “Team Raidopower Motorsport G1GP Adventure”

  1. Mazotasan says:

    Great Pics Goran…loving that pic of the track…imagine that in your back garden!!!

  2. Göran R says:

    Thank’s Mazotasan !
    Stay tuned and we might be able to share some more stuff from the “holy mountain of Ebisu !”
    /Göran R

  3. Mazotasan says:

    Hell Yeah Goran…the track pics are beautiful, looks like a beautiful place when the weather is good! Some day I’ll get there! Keep em coming, my mobile internet is melting lol!

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