Raidopower Motorsport G1GP Adventure Day 4

Day 4 from the guys…finally got some track time! Goran sent over some sweet pics too, I have some here and will post more later.

Japan – Thursday – Day 4
Today the guys was totally exhausted after spending the whole day at the Ebisu circuit, from early in the morning until closing time.

Both Mikael and Tony tested the car at some of the different tracks availbale at the Ebisu Circuit complex – and it for sure sounded like they enjoyed the day, both of them looking forward to tomorrow.

Unfortunetly (but understandable) they were soo tired when they got back to the hotel so they took the wise descision of going to bed instead of sending a full “day report”, but I´ll update as soon as it´s available. Göran ( sent me many photos from today, see below.

Tomorrow is the big day – G1GP – so I hope the guys will get a really good nights sleep and then kick some as tomorrow!

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  1. Mazotasan says:

    loving the one of I think its Jocke in the tunnel! Also Jocke must be sick of 7/11 food, I see he’s taken to munching tarmac lol!

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