Inside an RC Drift Car

Ok so its time to get up close and personal with an RC Drift Car! In so many respects they’re are many similarities between the 1:1 guys and the RC brigade, its only when you get up close and personal that you can see these. Full¬†adjustable¬†suspensions, arbs, steering lock kits, oil filled shocks, carbon fibre chassis, different ratio diffs, interchangeable gearboxes…I could go on and on! I met up with the Dori Garage boys to talk tech and its really amazing the way they can set up cars for different tracks, track surfaces and driver styles etc much the same as the real thing! They’re so many variables and so many custom parts available that the skies the limit with what you can build.

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  1. Mazotasan says:

    These cars are so adjustable and customizable its mad!

  2. colib carrigan says:

    my car woop woop

  3. Mazotasan says:

    Haha…cool, what shell ya running on this?

  4. colin carrigan says:

    eh that day i was running a black r32 but the the moment im building a new jzx100 chaser for this i will keep you updated

    i dont no if u have seen my other work like the replica of darrens re86 ??

  5. Mazotasan says:

    No dude, but I’d say the re86 was class. Thats what i’d build a Trueno…any pics?

  6. colin carrigan says:

    eh not on the new site but i must trow them up i diidnt get it finshed as by the time i had half the graffics done darren ripped the car apart but soon as i get pics of the car now i will start but i will try get some picturea of the old re86 build but i shall keep u updated on the jzx100 as soon as i get stuck into it

  7. James says:

    This use to be my old car. It is fantastic car. When i had it is was set up for drifting as it is a touring car chassis. a full solid year of trying to get it perfect was needed. but it was a top car and still is. All the chrome was blue and i stripped them using acid and then polished them up.

    It is looking well colin

  8. colin carrigan says:

    i think its one of the best cars in the rc drift scene atm :P

  9. keelan byrne says:

    where do u buy them cars and the bits because i want my dad to buy me 1. mad into the diffing and i like the way that they look like the drift cars

  10. Mazotasan says:

    Keelan talk to the Dori Garage lads… they’ll sort you out…

  11. Hey Keelan ,

    I’m Daryl from Dori*Garage , Irelands only RC drift shop . If you’re interested in an RC car , check out our car package here >> <<

    If you have any further questions contact me at :

    Cheers dude .

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