Driver Profile: Rob Barnett


Rob Barnett


RB25 180SX

How did you get into drifting and what does drifting mean to you:

A mate asked me to go to bishopscourt to watch the drifting about 3 years ago I loved it and have been hooked ever since

Most Iconic Drift Car:

Chubbys V8

Who is the best drifter in the world:

Michael Sommerville aka Richhill Tyre Man

Favourite Track:


Best Drift Car Engine:

M5 V10

Favourite Music:

Johnny Cash

Favourite Food:

Chicken Fillet Burger.

USA or Japan:


Funny drift story:

There all fun

Flick, feint, e/handbrake or clutch kick:

Suicidial Flick

Get rid of Judges and use technology only…Whats your opinion:

Would technology work?

What advice would you give a beginner:

Hold her flat

Drifting Hero(es):

John Paul McCarthy

Favourite beverage:


Many thanks to Rob.

5 Responses to “Driver Profile: Rob Barnett”

  1. Mazotasan says:

    Some really nice pics there Colin…Loving it! M5 V10′s ftw Rob!

  2. Colin Clarke says:

    Cheers Dan.

    Rob’s a joy to photograph as he gives 110% all the time

  3. stevie says:

    nice read and pics ;)

  4. Alan says:

    nice profile rob keep her lit!

  5. Daniel says:

    great post, thanks for sharing

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